A letter to the people in the past that still have a piece of your soul


Dear human from the past,

How you have been?

I wish I could ask you but that doesn’t feel quite right, right?

We live in strange times though, even though I don’t know how you are doing, I still do know much of what you have been up to –

How happy you looked in your last trip pictures!
How some of you are working towards what you love – stuff that we spoke about once upon a time.
How amazingly handsome and kind your Fiancée looks! Congratulations on the engagement btw!

Seeing that brought a smile on my face along with the reminder of us having grown up.

While I see you post the happy times, I also see the times where you post some puzzling-mystifying stories, one that may relate to your life or not. I wouldn’t know of that even though it may feel like I do. But you and I should know better, we are not the same people we once knew. We have come a long way and grown for better, I hope.

Do you ever wonder of, how things ended for us or maybe how it never ended. How we just gradually faded from each other’s lives like the stars fading into oblivion as the sun is rising? We grew distant with our separate lives making it difficult to catch up. I won’t deny that I had a hard time staying in touch.

And sometimes, it just became difficult to connect not for the lack of time but for how our thoughts, beliefs and notions were taking different turns and we couldn’t be any more different.

We went from days where we were engrossed and involved to the only reminder of each other’s presence left at the mercy of social media.

May be we wanted to reach out at some point or may be none of us ever did. Maybe our lives have truly etched onto separate paths.

But someday, if we happen to cross paths,

I hope we wouldn’t look at each other with strange eyes, unknown to each other for the people we have become now, with some locks of grey hair, stretchy skin. Wondering, if there will be some glimmer in our eyes a sudden reminiscence, or a soft smile on the face, thinking about how we lost touch and time.

In that fleeting moment, we would be in another universe where you and I wouldn’t be strangers like the past that led us away never happened.  Soon, a voice from our surrounding will call us back. The soft smile will fade, the glimmer will hide behind our shadowed eyes. With what’s left is only a nod of acknowledgement.

Because the past that we lived did happen and we are indeed strangers but the kind that knew each other for a few moments in this gigantic life, with hearts that only wish each other well!


Stranger from the Present

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