Grass is always greener on the other side or Is it?


A while ago my sister (who is going to appear for boards next month) commented on how chill my life is because she found me lying on my bed with my phone in my hand. She obviously missed seeing the plethora of stuff I did before I could reach that one moment of rest. But to her, her life is more stressful than mine. While it is stressful for her age, there is no adult whose life isn’t just as stressful or more as the next adult.

As much as you and I wouldn’t like to admit it always, we do secretly feel that the grass is greener on the other side. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy our lives but we are not content. We are always hungry for more especially, if that more is something you currently do not have in life but someone else does.

It doesn’t help either that we see so much happening on social media all the time. Our lives begin to crave the happenings of people that live thousands of miles away. Even though social media has brought us closer to people, it has also been our enemy.

We admire the flowers growing in someone else’s garden because theirs look more beautiful and colorful with different varieties of flowers.

We see someone taking the trip we always wanted and we begin to question what we are doing with our lives.

We see someone having fun and we feel how easy it is for them.

We see someone getting the job or starting something we always wanted and we begin to self-doubt.

We see someone showing their gym bods and we look at our bulging tummy ashamed of not looking like that.

We see someone get married and we feel lonely when we stretch our arms to hold someone but it doesn’t find anyone because the other side of our bed is still empty.

While these are all normal feelings to have, we are so constantly reminded of them that even if, we wanted to take a breather from it, we couldn’t.

We do not acknowledge the hard work and struggle behind all that achievement because it is easier that way to convince ourselves that they didn’t have it as difficult. Our brain refuses to accept it because we don’t see the hard work they put in, we haven’t seen the sleepless nights, the mental breakdowns they could have had or still have. We are looking at it through the looking glass where it all seems shiny and pretty.

We want what the other person has because to our eyes it looks like shinning diamonds yet to the person living it, it may still be carbon.

But you know what the problem is?

That we are still wondering about their garden and not ours.

I wonder why?

We refuse to let our struggles show because struggles don’t get you the likes and shares. If it did, trust me all our gardens will look like they have weeds in the grass with withering and wilting plants. And that wouldn’t look perfect to eye.

And even if the grass is greener on the other side. So what? Kudos to them!

Someday we will have our own garden that would represent us, our beliefs and what we want to achieve. Even if it wouldn’t be perfect, I hope it will make us happy, have a little space to dance and celebrate every big and small achievement or failure.

Because life isn’t just about those moments but the ones that are lived before and after them with the people we love and the things that bring us the greatest of joy.

And once we begin to see that, nobody’s grass would attract us ever again.

8 comments on “Grass is always greener on the other side or Is it?”

  1. Excellent piece! I especially loved how much this sentence really tells – “We are looking at it through the looking glass where it all seems shiny and pretty.” That has led us to fall into self-scrutiny over insecurity seeing people’s achievements. We should be instead looking at it through the looking glass where it inspires us, remind us of the very reason why we started and continue believing ourself. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. Such a thought provoking post! Years ago I deleted all my social media accounts for this very reason.

    It took me a lot to have socials back for the blog, but I love the interaction.

    We are all on our own path in life, but culture, society and social media all tell us the opposite.


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