Things I am learning in my late 20s


1. Realizing your self-worth can be hard but it is the only way forward in life.

2. You have to be your biggest cheerleader.

3. Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself deeply. Cannot express how simple this may sound but how rewarding it can be.

4. You have to pat yourself on the back for everything you have achieved and for how far you have come in life.

5. Expecting someone else to realize your worth even after failed attempts is like hoping for snow in the summer. It ain’t happening, move on.

6. Adult friendships are composed of sharing memes, occasional meet-ups and phone calls.

7. Not all friendships will survive the test of time. Some people will leave and it will hurt.

8. Hold on to friendships that feel like family even if they have been distant. Everyone is going through something.

9. If you are still single, the surrounding world will pressurize you to settle down. During those moments remember to hold your ground and ask yourself – ‘Is this what I want?’

10. Figuring out career paths can be the most difficult part of this age but let time be of the essence.

11. ‘Where is your life heading?’ may be one of the scariest but most common questions we ask ourselves often. The answer lies in patience and perseverance.

12. If you are not happy with your current job, relationship or life. Take time to figure out why instead of finding means of escape.

13. Cribbing about something is not going to solve it. The only way out is to work on it.

14. Happiness doesn’t come from the big moments rather is the curation of all the small moments we live through every day.

15. You don’t have to act tough all the time, it is ok if you genuinely crave connection and affection. It is normal to want to be in love, be loved and cared for.

16. Leaving situationships can be heartbreaking and scary but it is better than losing yourself while waiting for the other person to truly see you.

17. Feel your emotions rather than ignoring them or bottling them up.

18. Not asking for help when you need it the most will only make you more miserable.

19. People will disappoint you. There is nothing you can do about it except for how you choose to react to it.

20. Realizing that your parents are growing old and may not be around forever can be overwhelming. Enjoy every moment that you can with them.

21. Becoming a blind eye to environmental issues will result in our destructed future.

22. Living Sustainably is not a trend but a lifestyle that helps you look at your needs and demands in a new light.

23. Boundaries are necessary for your own sanity. It allows you to decide who deserves your time and attention and for how long.

24. Treat your body and mind like a temple. Keep your thoughts healthy while feeding your body the best you can.

25. Saying ‘no’ can still be a struggle but now you are learning to get better at it.

26. Trying to keep everyone happy will only result in you being unhappy.

27. Feeling anxious and depressed has become common but it doesn’t mean you cannot seek help, manage it and get better.

28. Every once in a while, let life take you by surprise, you never know what life has in store for you.

29. Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Communicate how you feel but also be ready to understand what someone else is communicating.

30. You are still too young to go after your dreams. Don’t let anyone dissuade you.

31. You don’t have to run at someone else’s pace, life is not a race. You do you.

32. Take breaks, live in the moment, travel, and meet new people, you are only going to be this young now.

33. You are too old to run after people and equations that don’t serve you.

34. Take solace in the fact that there are others out there who are going through similar things as you. You are not alone in this.

35. Expecting other people to understand you or your thoughts may not be a wise choice. People are only capable of understanding you as much as they understand themselves

36. Don’t fence yourself and confine yourself to your limits. Try new things.

37. Success, money and personal life may not all grow at the same pace.

38. Show kindness to others but remember to be kind to yourself first.

39. Trust your gut feeling. Your intuition will always guide you.

40. There are no perfect choices in life. Some choices will be rewarding, some will teach you lessons.

41. Ask for what you believe you deserve whether at work or in personal life. If they cannot offer that, you know what you should do.

4 comments on “Things I am learning in my late 20s”

  1. My thoughts exactly… Also know that you’re all you’ve got. You’re the only permanent person in your life, so you should love you, water you, and enjoy spending time with you. Thank you for this post.


  2. Loved every sec of this post these are things that I have been learning too as I am in my late20s also in 2 years I’ll be 30 I should say 1 as 2023 is approaching. But it’s lessons that we do need to learn regardless of when we learn them


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